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Four Reasons Twitter is Still Relevant

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Clients always ask, “Is Twitter still a thing?” The short answer is yes. While other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have garnered a lot of attention and growth in recent years, Twitter is still a widely used social media platform. A recent Hootsuite article shows Twitter has more than 330 million monthly active users across the globe and the largest age group is millennials (18 to 29 year olds). To see the full 2018 Twitter demographics report, click here. Below are four ways Twitter is still relevant:

1. Drive Real-Time Marketing

Over the last few years, brands have done a great job capitalizing on real-time marketing. When something happens in pop culture or the news, people turn to Twitter to discuss it. When the right brands take this opportunity to tie the relevant event to their product or service, the impact can be large. Twitter is a great place for brands to connect themselves to the real-time event and use the platform to drive awareness and engagement. The nature of the RT allows for content to spread fast. Additionally, with opportunities like influencer endorsements and paid media, a brand’s activation can quickly garner positive results. Twitter can also be a great peace to identify real-time marketing opportunities.

2. Participate in Live Events and Conferences

From concerts and sporting events to the season finale of a popular show, people are turning to Twitter to engage with other fans. Whether they are on-site or following along via a hashtag or TV, Twitter users still use the platform to share updates, ask questions and feel like part of the event. For those watching on TV, this provides an opportunity for brands to capitalize on the dual-screen economy. Maybe this means providing relevant content during commercial breaks or driving user to your website for event-related content. For live events, brands can engage users with giveaways or curating user-generated content. Additionally, for brands that regularly participate in industry conferences, Twitter is a great place to engage audiences, target paid media, drive stakeholders to your booth or presentation, and build relevant relationships.

3. Curate Content and Identify Potential Clients

Twitter is a common platform for crowdsourcing content. Daily you’ll see people tweet asking their followers to recommend the carry on luggage, a great local Italian restaurant or suggestions on a lawn service company. Additionally you’ll see questions about how to pick the right rug size or when to talk to a doctor about symptoms. More often than not, these crowdsourced questions go unanswered. Brands could use this as opportunity to curate content based on the questions users are asking. My identifying keywords and setting up a search, brands can identify these tweets and then provide content that answers these questions. Sometimes, a brand might be able to respond to the user and secure the business.

4. Provide Customer Service

One of the first places people go when they have a customer service issue is Twitter. Sometimes the person will tag a brand and sometimes they won’t, but they are definitely coming to the platform to share the good and the bad. Twitter is a great platform for brands to provide strong customer service. With a strategic plan in place, brands can turn negative situations into something positive, make sure their clients feel heard and learn more about how audiences are engaging with and receiving their brand. Consumers will be on Twitter talking about your brand, make sure you’re there to be part of the conversation.

Do you want to make more of a social impact on Twitter? Contact us today and let’s get started! If you use Twitter, comment below and let us know why you love the platform.
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