#Pizza – Just kidding, this has nothing to do with pizza. This page is all about helping you out.

Pizza is the most instagrammed food around the world.   This is just one of the many pieces of knowledge we want to share with you. Download our free resources below and always feel free to reach out with questions.



Social media was intended for people, not brands. The reason puppies and pizza perform well is because people turn to social media to take part in conversations around things they care about.  When we are scrolling through our feeds, we stop to engage with content that feels relevant and personal to us.


and much of this content is being consumed on multiple screens at the same time. Yes, we live in a dual-screen economy. Someone may be watching 12 hours of content a day 


 Invite the Human Espresso Shot!  

Kate is a high energy and informative speaker. She has shared insights, case studies and inspiration at conferences, workshops and trainings.


Her presentations are engaging, actionable, filled with key takeaways, and will leave attendees excited to try new tactics/strategies.


She was once called a human espresso shot after presenting social media case studies at a conference.


If you want to add extra energy and a lot of knowledge to your next event or training, consider inviting Kate to speak. 

Upcoming speaking engagements: 

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Need an Expert Opinion or Guest Contributor?


Kate was quoted in The Wall Street Journal about Britney Spears and social influence long before Instagram was even a thing.


As an early adopter of social media and digital platforms, she is regularly interviewed as an expert opinion in national publications. Kate has a deep understanding of social media platforms, content, strategy, audiences and how they work together to drive business.


If you are looking for an expert opinion or a guest contributor, Kate would love to chat! 


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