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  • Hannah Wilson

How to [successfully] Work from Home

Kate Rae Digital has been a remote workplace from day one. We’ve learned a thing or two during our journey and hope to help some of you as you transition into working from home.

If you’re working from home in the coming weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re here to help you in setting yourself up for success. It can be a difficult transition to make but it can also be very rewarding. Maybe you’re not used to working in isolation and are being forced to work outside of your comfort zone. Nobody’s ever grown within their comfort zone… right? Let this change serve as a way for you to learn about yourself and grow as a professional.

Try implementing these 5 things into your workday to maximize productivity.

1. Get yourself together

It’s often the hardest part of the day, but getting up, taking a shower, and changing out of your pajamas will make a big difference. It’s all about mindset - you’ll be ready to work and feel a sense of normalcy during your remote workday. If you already had a morning routine like working out or meditating, continue to do that. The more routine and normalcy you have, the better!

2. Designate a workspace

Although it’s tempting to wake up and start work from your bed or from the couch, separating your relaxing space from your work space will drastically improve your ability to be productive. You’ll have minimal distraction [and probably get better sleep, too]. Set up a spot that inspires you somewhere in your home.

3. Time batch

When you work remotely, there is nobody checking in on you. That’s why it’s crucial to intentionally implement habits that will encourage self-accountability. One that works for us is time batching - set a timer on your phone for a finite amount of time, be it 30 minutes, an hour, 2 hours. Tell yourself that your phone doesn’t exist during that time - only the work that needs to be done. This way, you’ll know that you’re only working for a set amount of time and will allow yourself time to relax and do things that aren’t related to your work after you have completed your tasks for the day.

4. Drink lots of water

Brain fog, who? Drinking water throughout your workday will assist in maintaining focus, staying alert, and minimize fatigue. It will also keep you hydrated and hopefully have you making a few trips to the bathroom. Steps will decrease drastically when you work from home so every step counts!

5. Get up and move, regularly

One word - endorphins. Carve out time throughout the day to go for a walk around the block, do 10 squats every hour, anything to get your body moving and to give your mind a break. There are a lot of free online workouts right now. Take advantage of the resources and come out of social distancing even more healthy.

Let us know how you’re adapting to working from home - we’re always looking for remote work tips.

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