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  • Hannah Wilson

Regular Exercise Increases Productivity at Work

The key to productivity at work, and in life, is regular exercise. That’s right, the benefits of exercise are not just physical. Encourage your team to incorporate exercise into their everyday routine - you will yield happy and healthy employees with a greater sense of mental clarity.

In a study conducted by the Body-Brain Performance Institute, it was found that employees who walk 10,000 steps a day and sweat 3 times a week contribute $2,500 annually in productivity to the company.

Here’s 5 ways to incorporate physical activity into your routine - and see productivity skyrocket.

Set Yourself Up For Success

At the beginning of each week, carve out time in your schedule to exercise. You are more likely to sweat throughout your week if it’s planned in advance. Once your routine is established, whether it be early morning, on a break at work, or before bed, it will become second nature to get out and exercise.

Have Fun Exercising

Whether that be a long run, rock climbing, hot yoga, or a leisurely bike ride - find a way to sweat that you enjoy! Sustainable exercise is much more feasible if you enjoy your workout.

Find a Buddy

It’s easy to make an excuse to skip a workout on those days when your motivation is not there - it’s not as easy when you have a friend or family member counting on you to show up. Enlist a partner to sweat together a few times a week!

Set a Reasonable Goal

And write it down. Maybe it’s a 5k, maybe it’s to attend three group fitness classes a week - whatever it is, make sure you revisit it regularly and use it as a way to stay motivated. There is no better feeling than working hard and accomplishing a goal.

Tell People

Share your goal with the people around you as a way to maintain accountability! Social media is a great platform for that. Post those progress pictures, check in at your gym, get connected to a fitness Facebook group, or sign up for a fitness sharing app like Strava.

How do you stay motivated to stay active throughout your work week? Let us know in the comments below.

- Hannah

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Oct 04, 2019

But then it’s cold and dark, that’s when I need extra motivation

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