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Why I Started Kate Rae Digital

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Hi, I’m Kate and I started Kate Rae Digital in August of 2017. Since I was little I’ve collected cookbooks. I read them cover-to-cover and immerse myself in the stories hidden in each recipe. I love the culture, history, love and meaning each recipe holds. Stories and community are what connect us. What does this have to do with starting an agency? Everything.

I never met my grandfather on my dad’s side. He passed away from brain cancer before I was born. His middle name was Ray, which is why my middle name is Rae. Several years ago we found a box of grandpa’s old cookbooks. At the bottom of the box was a notebook and on the last page he wrote “Lets Really Live.” That has become my life motto. I’ve always been a dreamer. Someone who loves adventure and lives each day to the fullest. But from that moment, I knew I could do more. I started a brand about really living, which you can learn more about here.

At the time, I was working at an advertising agency and observed as every week the conversations were the same. On Mondays, everyone talked about how the weekend was too short. On Wednesdays, we celebrated #humpday. On Fridays, we posted #TGIF and got excited that we “made it.”

I want to be clear that I am very grateful for the ten years I spent working in advertising and public relations agencies. I loved each experience for it’s own reasons and learned so much. I had a great time. The people I met and the knowledge I gained are irreplaceable. I wouldn’t be who I am today without each coworker, client and agency. But for me, I wanted something different.

It was clear that if I wanted to really live, it was time to start my own business. It was something I’d always talked about doing but wasn’t sure where to start. All I knew was I wanted to take my love for storytelling, knowledge of digital marketing and desire to help others, and create an agency that had purpose. I want Kate Rae Digital to be a place that empowers my employees, partners and clients to find joy in their work. Together I want us to drive business results while giving back to communities, adding value to each other’s lives and finding a way to look forward to Mondays. I’ve always been naturally curious and had a lot of interests, so the opportunities that come with starting my own agency are exciting.

So today I officially launch Kate Rae Digital and I invite you to join me on this journey! We work hard, deliver results and enjoy what we do. If you’re ready to make more of a social impact with your brand or company, let’s chat. From strategy to execution, and research to results, I know we can reach your business goals and have a great time doing it. See my full list of services here or contact me if you have questions.

Editor’s Note: I’ll write more about the process of starting your own business or taking a leap of faith later but for now, my best advice is this – don’t overthink it. Life is short and if there is a burning desire in your heart, go after it. When you look back on this life, you’re going to regret living a life that didn’t make you happy way more than you’ll regret the risks you took, the times you fell and the lessons you learned.
What types of content can I share here that will help you? Please comment below!

- Kate

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