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  • Hannah Wilson

Why Having a Cohesive Instagram Feed Matters

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

500 million people access the Instagram app daily. That’s 500 million opportunities for your brand to make an impact on a consumer. The importance of creating an Instagram presence that resonates with people in a way that is positive and authentic to your brand is more important now than it has ever been before. Seventy two percent of users report making purchasing decisions based off of something that they’ve seen on the app… now are you listening?

What does it mean to have a cohesive Instagram feed?

Having a cohesive Instagram feed means landing on a “mood” that you want your brand to portray and ensuring that every post emulates that “mood.” Instagram is a unique way for consumers to experience your brand. Ensuring that your Instagram presence is consistent and cohesive will keep your brand top of mind to the consumer.

Visually, this means choosing a style of photography, videography, or graphic design and using it in every post. While writing the caption to your post, it’s choosing a writing style that portrays your brand voice in the most authentic way.

Why does it matter for my brand?

Just by having an Instagram account, your brand is perceived by consumers to be 74% more relevant than a brand that is not active on Instagram. That being said, simply having an Instagram account and not being purposeful with content strategy won’t cut it.

Users landing on your brand’s Instagram profile can be impacted in more ways than one. The consumer may have a better perception of your brand and keep it top of mind simply because they like the way it looks. The consumer may be actively seeking out more information about your brand, the product or service being offered, or the industry in general. The consumer may make a purchase online or in store after having a better perception of your brand from seeing your profile. The consumer may not make a purchase, but talk to a friend or family member about your brand in a positive light. Use this unique opportunity to connect with consumers and potential consumers in a strategic way that is consistent to your brand’s identity.

How do I get a cohesive Instagram feed?

Ensure your content is not just visually cohesive, but cohesive in every way. This includes everything from the style of your caption copy, the way that your visuals fit together as a whole (try out UNUM - it’s our favorite!), the way that your bio is written, and your story highlights. Each post and element to your profile should emulate your brand and its personality. Not only should your Instagram feed be visually pleasing, but it is important to add value, inspiration, and entertainment throughout the feed. Your audience should feel compelled to engage and interact with the content.

Here are a few brands that are killing it on Instagram right now.

Lush Cosmetics - @lushcosmetics

This Instagram feed makes a great first impression. It’s pretty to look at. Lush uses their Instagram platform as a way to share information about products, spread the importance of environmental responsibility, and repost content from people who are consumers of Lush products. Everything is consistent to who Lush is as a brand.

Sprouts Farmers Market - @sprouts

This Instagram feed is an example of stunning visuals and how to use photos to tell a story. Sprouts chooses a color to focus on for 9 photos at a time to create a “rainbow” effect. On top of the visuals, they share recipes, funny puns, and photos of their product.

Sephora - @sephora

Sephora uses their Instagram as a way to share knowledge about their product as a way to establish credibility in their industry. The brand also takes advantage of working with influencers to showcase creative content using the products that Sephora carries. They link the product that is being showcased in each post to make the buying process much more simple for the consumer. On top of all of these strategic choices - the feed is aesthetically pleasing!

To wrap it up - a cohesive Instagram feed is visually appealing to customers. Not only that, but it should provide value, entertainment and inspiration. Everything that the audience is seeing is naturally aligned with your brand’s identity and messaging, so if people like what they see, they start to like, trust, and engage with your brand. Ultimately, people who are engaging with your content will also be consumers of your product or service.


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