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  • Hannah Wilson

Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

It’s natural to feel discomfort in situations that are unfamiliar to us, challenge us, scare us, or make us feel… not so great.

The key to self-growth and development is accepting that discomfort does not need to be a negative feeling. It can be an opportunity to be better.

We often choose to shy away from conversations that intimidate us, don’t chase after that promotion because we might fail, or turn down an opportunity to meet new people at a social gathering. In doing this, we’re avoiding situations that have the ability to make us stronger, more successful and fulfilled humans. In the moment, many people choose to make decisions that provide a sense of ease, comfort, and familiarity. It’s a natural human instinct. Change and growth begins the second we have the courage to challenge ourselves to dive head first into those tough situations.

Change is everywhere around us and is unavoidable, so we might as well embrace it.

Each and every day, be mindful of how you react to situations.

If something makes you happy, that’s great. Do more of it.

If something challenges you, embrace it. Don’t back down.

If something scares you, acknowledge why. And then tackle it with courage and strength.

If something makes you feel not so great, name the emotion. Learn and grow from it, and then do your best to avoid situations that make you feel that way.

Acknowledge that discomfort does not need to be a negative feeling.

When we’re uncomfortable, we have a unique opportunity to learn more about ourselves and the world around us on a deeper level. Uncomfortable has a negative connotation, but it doesn’t have to.

We can be uncomfortable traveling to a new city alone, while simultaneously broadening our perspective and learning more about the world around us.

We can be uncomfortable interviewing for a promotion at work and end up in our dream role.

We can be uncomfortable going out of our way to spend time meeting new people, and end up with a new best friend.

We can be uncomfortable putting ourselves out there and pursuing a passion project, and simultaneously feeling a sense of fulfillment for chasing our dreams.

Growth and development can only happen if you embrace changes in your life as an opportunity to be better.

Take the leap. Be vulnerable. And if you fail, choose to learn from it and be better.

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