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What Would I Say To My Past Self?

As time keeps flying by at a rate I never thought would happen, I often ask myself “What is something I wish I would have known five years ago, five months ago, five weeks ago, or five days ago?”

I think it's crazy to think about what could be different. How would life be now if we would’ve known all the things we do now? When I truly think about why and when I ask myself these questions, I realize it is in times of hope, fear, obstacles that we come to different realizations. The harder parts of life are what teach us the most meaningful lessons.

When I’m asking myself these questions, it’s always in the face of change or hardship. Applying for colleges, relationships with different people, confusion on what to do and realization of all I have achieved. But, if I did need to tell my past self anything, here’s what it would be:

  1. Stay true to yourself. Don’t change your goals, ambition, energy and habits for anyone, even if you think going against who you truly are is more socially acceptable.

  2. Remember your ‘why.’ Don’t forget where you came from and why you started something in the first place, even when it gets hard.

  3. Do things for yourself. Don’t forget to take time for self-care. Prioritize yourself and what will make you happy.

  4. Lastly, remember that everything happens for a reason. Things will fall into place. You will get through it. Tomorrow will be better and you will learn something from today.

I think the older I get, the less I ask myself these questions. I know that in the end everything will fall into place and everything I have experienced is either a lesson or a blessing.

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